CI – Product Engineering


CI's C/C++/VC++ CoE delivers technical excellence through the development of architectures, product development capabilities and reusable enterprise components.

The CoE has professionals who have gained in depth exposure to Microsoft Foundation Classes. Our experience has enabled us to effectively use the class libraries and SDK's. We also have the exposure in transitioning to object oriented code using standard training methods and VC++ coding standards.

Some of the C/C++/VC++ projects that CI has successfully worked on are:

  • Product Enhancement for an ERP

  • Product Development for an ERP provider

  • Product Development for an ERP provider

Customer Speaks

Working with CI is a fantastic experience. Their prompt attention, agility and patience has truly helped our business. They’re very professional and can be challenged in a very positive way to achieve the best results. And, they’re fun to work with! e to QuickBooks Enterprise.

His products were great, a good value and he was extremely responsive. He followed up timely and was able to do a quick turnaround when we were in need. I would recommend his services to any and all.
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Jeff Siegel
Partner, Siegel & Associates LLC