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Solution to

Large Safe Manufacturer in USA

The Challenge:

The Company is into the business of manufacturing Cash Safes sold for different retail organizations across the country. The existing software in the Cash safes were operating as a stand alone machine with no visibility to the business owners about the cash status in each safes placed at various retail units. The Manufacturer / Supplies of these Cash Safes was facing huge issue in updating the software's situated across various retail units of its clients.

The Application should also handle periodical software update of Cash Safes in a managed manner. The Patches which are uploaded on to the server should be updated across all cash Safes during any software upgrades / changes.

Any Mismatch in Data capture will lead to huge financial loss for the business owners

The Solution:

CI Provided a .Net based Web Solution using .Net 3.5 WCF Capabilities. The WCF Services based data Capturing Tool will collect the required data from Cash Safes across all locations and transfer the same in a secured fashion to the central server in 64 bit encrypted format.

The Cash Status at various locations will be available as dash board information for the business owners

The Patches which are uploaded on the server are downloaded automatically to the respective Cash Safes with a Managed Service installed on the server linked to all the Cash Safe Systems across different locations.

The Managed Service will ensure to identify the connected and off line Safe machines for repeated verification and pushing of Patches/updates across various Safe Machines in different locations ensuring Application integrity.

The Result:

On implementing the solution, Business owners will be able to see the Financial Dashboards developed using .net 3.5 WPF (Windows Presentation Framework) by consolidating data from various Cash Safe Machines deployed across various locations. This solution not only provides financial information but also enables the business owners to track any pilferages, mismanagement as and when they occur even in a remote location.

The Managed solution simplified the organization in applying the patches for all its Cash Safes by reduction in cost and effort and most importantly Time.