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Case Studies


Atandra T-HUB


Technology   :   C#.Net, Web services, Active Reports
Database      :   MSQL Server 2005
O/S                  :   Windows XP / Vista/7

The Challenge:

The Customer was facing a huge challenge on integrating various online stores with the back end system for capturing and consolidating order & billing details.

Since the online stores were not integrated with back-end application (Quick books) they were forced to manual order entry in both the systems which was resulting in data mismatch & huge effort.

The Other Challenge faced by the customer was to track the shipment details through the back end system which in turn was resulting in unsatisfactory customers due to delayed shipments.

The Solution:

CI Provided an Automated desktop solution using C#.Net 3.5 framework integrating with Quick-books through web services.

The T-HUB Application developed by CI which is a multi-channel Order management solution helped in consolidating the order details submitted on various on-line stores (like eBay, Yahoo, Amazon, Magento, etc.,) through web services and to store the details on Quick-books along with Shipment Details of different agencies (like UPS, FedEx, Dazzle, etc.,)

The Result:

Completely Automated On-line order/ shipment capturing solution.

Seamless data Integration between Web store & back end application (Quick-books).

Elimination of human intervention resulting in saving of time, effort and avoiding any errors due to manual entry.