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Software Development 

CI has a wide experience in Providing Software development support for its customer for over 18 years now. Software development involves scoping, design, development, Quality Testing, Implementation & Support.

Based on Project need, CI offers the following services under Software Development:

Project Scoping: Working closely with the client and based on CIs Technical Teams wide Industry experience, the software requirements are captured through consulting mode and a comprehensive Scope document is shared with the customer.

Designing: Based on project scoping done the design team preparing High Level Design documents which comprised of DFDs, Flow Charts and Software Architecture diagrams matching software requirement. The Low Level Designs with Pseudo codes and use cases are prepared for development purpose.

Prototyping: CI would initially start off by envisaging the user interface for your product. CI would then design and engineer your product. CI would also deploy your beta product for testing the product concept.

Prototype Refinement: Based on the feedback from the beta release, the prototype design would be refined and improved.

Development: Following the LLD the Development of the solution is performed against each use cases with cross functional integration process.

Quality Testing: Testing and Quality Assurance are very critical for any software to maintain its superiority over its competitors. CI Provides various types of manual and Automated testing process before the software is certified for release.

Apart from the above, CI provides Implementation & Support services as part of Software Development process including Training & documentation support.


Customer Speaks

Working with CI is a fantastic experience. Their prompt attention, agility and patience has truly helped our business. Theyre very professional and can be challenged in a very positive way to achieve the best results. And, theyre fun to work with! to QuickBooks Enterprise.

His products were great, a good value and he was extremely responsive. He followed up timely and was able to do a quick turnaround when we were in need. I would recommend his services to any and all.
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Jeff Siegel
Partner, Siegel & Associates LLC