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Mission & Values

CI's mission is to work with emerging and established product leaders to help them in bringing products in lesser time at reduced costs. CI has always been committed and it adheres to business philosophy based on following values:

Integrity & Openness - We hold ourselves to high ethical values and do not hesitate in taking responsibility for our actions. We have always maximized transparency irrespective of whether it is for the client or for our own CI'ians. Any CI'ian can at any time talk to the President of the company and his/her thoughts are valued and are considered while making decisions. We do not hesitate to say 'No' when we cannot do it.

Teamwork - Our motto is 'Together We Can'. We believe that success of a project lies with us and our client. Our motto has been supported with our 'Beyond Partnership' model has enabled us to understand our client much better and we have been successful in being an extended arm of the client.

Customer Speaks

"I know our projects have been challenging at times but I really appreciate the effort you both have put in to make our projects successful. "

Provider of Integrators for Accounting Systems