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Quality Assurance

For any software product company, testing and quality assurance are very critical components in order to maintain the competitive edge. Poor product quality can result in increased support costs, loss of customers, loss of market share and tarnished brand image. Achieving the right degree of in house testing can prove to be a challenge. CI offers a range of quality assurance and independent testing services adhering to the highest levels of security. Using our domain knowledge experience and expertise, we have been able to increase the product quality while reducing the time to market and operating costs. This CoE has an independent Quality Assurance team with strong domain-specific testing knowledge that ensures comprehensive and exhaustive product testing.

The focus areas of the QA & Process Consulting CoE include:

  • Test strategy development and planning

    • Selection of testing methodologies

    • Time and scope estimations

  • Use case analysis and Test case creation

  • Test environment setup

  • Test cases execution and result analysis

  • Fix validation

  • Testing reporting preparation (eg: Test cycle status report)

QA & Process Consulting CoE focuses on the following testing services:

  • GUI testing

  • Functionality testing

  • Regression testing

  • Multi User testing

  • Migration testing

  • Performance testing

  • License key testing

  • Product specification and User document review

Customer Speaks

Working with CI is a fantastic experience. Their prompt attention, agility and patience has truly helped our business. They’re very professional and can be challenged in a very positive way to achieve the best results. And, they’re fun to work with!

Inder Pal
Sage North America