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Posted on September 28, 2023 | All

Improving Customer Experience In Hotels/Resorts By Analyzing Customer Feedback


Integrating Property Management Systems (PMS) and sentiment analysis for customer feedback represents a groundbreaking approach that harnesses technology to enhance the hospitality industry’s ability to understand and respond to guest experiences.


The front office in a hotel serves as the nerve center of a hotel’s operations, collecting vast amounts of data on reservations, check-ins, check-outs, and more. Property management systems (PMS) collect vast amounts of data. Sentiment analysis leverages natural language processing and machine learning to decipher the PMS data, such as customer feedback from online reviews, surveys, or direct communication.

This fusion of PMS and sentiment analysis empowers hotels to transform raw data into actionable insights.

Problem statement

The hospitality industry, particularly hotels, faces a pressing challenge: gathering and analyzing customer feedback effectively. While customer input offers invaluable insights into guest experiences and preferences, managing feedback from diverse sources, including online reviews, surveys, and direct interactions, is the real challenge. This data influx presents significant hurdles, such as data collection, organization, and analysis.

Many hospitality establishments struggle with the time-consuming manual process of traditional feedback management, leading to delays in response and missed opportunities to enhance guest satisfaction. Our clients, representing a broad spectrum of hospitality establishments, seek an automated solution to streamline feedback management, allowing personalized and prompt responses, ultimately enhancing guest experiences and fostering loyalty.

Data Collection And Integration Process

  • Data Extraction from PMS: The process begins by meticulously extracting customer feedback data from WINHMS, which is the central repository of hotel operations information. This valuable dataset comprises guest reviews, comments, and suggestions acquired during their stay.
  • Front Office Engagement: The front office staff plays a pivotal role in this procedure. They capture and record guest feedback as guests interact with hotel staff and services. Their role extends beyond mere data entry; they act as front-line ambassadors, ensuring comprehensive and accurate feedback collection.
  • Data Integration: The collected data is then subjected to a crucial data integration step. This process consolidates information from various sources, creating a unified dataset. This integrated dataset provides a comprehensive and 360-degree view of guest interactions, offering hotels valuable insights for making informed decisions and enhancing overall guest satisfaction.

Sentiment Analysis Algorithms

In our project, we employed a range of sentiment analysis algorithms to gauge the emotional tone of customer feedback data. Three prominent algorithms were implemented in Python: textBLOB, Vader, and NLTK (Natural Language Toolkit).

Sentiment Analysis Implementation

The implementation of sentiment analysis in our project involved a systematic process to extract valuable insights from customer feedback data.

  1. Data Preprocessing: The first step involved data cleaning and preparation, where noise and irrelevant information were removed from customer feedback data to ensure that the sentiment analysis algorithm worked with high-quality data.
  2. Tokenization: The feedback text was divided into individual words or tokens, making it easier for the sentiment analysis algorithm to process the text.
  3. Sentiment Scoring: Using the selected sentiment analysis algorithm (NLTK in our case), each token or sentence in the feedback was assigned a sentiment score, indicating whether it was negative, neutral, or positive.
  4. Aggregation: Sentiment scores for individual tokens or sentences were aggregated to determine the overall sentiment of the entire feedback. This step provided an overall sentiment classification for the feedback.
  5. Example Categorization: A review containing “The room was clean and comfortable” was categorized as positive, while “The service was slow and disappointing” was classified as negative.
  6. Automation: Automation played a key role in streamlining this process. The sentiment analysis was applied automatically to each feedback item, allowing for swift and consistent feedback categorization.
  7. Response Generation: Once the sentiment was determined, an automated response mechanism generated tailored responses based on the sentiment category, enabling hotels to respond promptly and effectively to guest feedback, whether it was to address concerns or express gratitude for positive experiences.

Industry Benefits

Large hotel chains face many challenges when managing customer feedback efficiently. Collating and analyzing feedback from numerous sources across various locations can be daunting.

This is where the integrated system, combining Property Management Systems (PMS) with sentiment analysis, emerges as a game-changer. Its advantages are manifold, with the ability to provide tailored responses and targeted actions as a crucial benefit. Hotels can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty by swiftly identifying and addressing guest concerns.

The system has the potential to streamline operations, enabling hotels to allocate resources more effectively, make data-driven decisions, and ultimately, deliver exceptional guest experiences consistently.

CI Global – Improving Customer Experience, One Feedback at a Time

Integrating Property Management Systems (PMS) with sentiment analysis represents an advancement in the hospitality industry. Our commitment to helping our clients realize their goal of enhancing customer feedback management and improving guest satisfaction has led to the development of a sophisticated system that empowers hotels to navigate the challenges of data collection and analysis efficiently. With the ability to provide tailored responses and targeted actions, our integrated solution promises to elevate the guest experience and streamline hotel operations.

Unlock the potential for innovation and transformation in your industry with our state-of-the-art offerings. Visit CI Global today and revolutionize your business’s approach to data-driven decision-making.