Build on Sage 100 to Suit Your Business Requirements

Address your customer’s needs head-on: Develop add-ons for optimizing Sage 100/Sage 100c (MAS 90/MAS 200).


Functionality Add-Ons for Sage 100

Provide complete visibility and functionality with proper base frameworks for testing: Develop modules and add-ons designed by teams in the ERP industry for over two decades.

Service Offerings

Add-On Development for Features

Build cross-platform add-ons with expertise in ProvideX: Equip devices with features that help you analyze warehouse and stock management data.

Integration for Scalable Businesses

Integrate with Sage 100 SDK through ProvideX: Fastrack integration and deliver the product to your customers within the promised time.

Full-Scale Customization

Automate and customize crystal reports: Enhance Sage 100 with customizations to derive insights that fit your customer’s business with data transformations.

Migration for Sage 100

Streamline your processes and migrate various systems to address issues of maintenance, expertise, and unsupported legacy systems through flexibility and mitigated risk.

Product Compliance and Support

Timely rollouts, support, and maintenance are crucial for your customer’s business: Provide best-in-class transitions through thoroughly tested software.

Quality Assurance and Product Testing

Manual and automated testing: With regression testing of Sage 100 modules based on a custom framework that’s built in-house for rapid and thorough testing.

What Our Clients Say


Thank you for your deliverables. You have designed the Payment Requisition Manager application very well. Your team has done an excellent job in this complex solution that integrates with Primavera Contract Manager for Constructions. Please convey my appreciations to your team members.

Axis Global Partner



Excellent! By the way, Great job! You have done some excellent work. I know it was a challenge. I have been telling all my team and business partners how pleased I am:) I hope it gets you and your team a ton more opportunities!



Great job everyone!!! Thanks team for staying late and finishing this to meet/beat our deadline. Great teamwork.

Sage Software


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