Analytics for the Future: Data-Led Growth


Data-Led Transformation for Growth

  • Resolve business challenges and complexity through the power of data. Automate and deliver critical insights to the relevant stakeholders.
  • Using RubiCube, extend the functionality of CRMs, POS systems and ERPs like Sage Intacct, Sage 300, MS D365, and NetSuite with AI/ML.
  • With modularity, RubiCube is available on-premises or in the cloud with an implementation time of less than 36 hours.



Data Lake

Weave multiple formats (structured/unstructured) of data together for a consolidated view at a single data lake for data lifecycle optimization.


Predictive Analytics

Blend statistical analysis with historical data through the power of AI/ML. Predict accurate demand-supply numbers for your customer’s business.


Data Security

Minimize data leaks and threats by keeping functional and crucial business data on-premises and having the business solutions on the cloud.


Multi-Source Data

Data collection and data blending from different sources help bring all valuable data to one place for further investigation and examination of actionable insights into the business.


Automated Data

Eliminate manual integration practices by enabling businesses to leverage automated integration for combining, managing and deriving insights from data assets.


AI-Powered Push Notifications

Automate data delivery directly to the desk by eliminating login procedures and the need to access multiple systems. Businesses can have transparency over their functioning and take faster decisions.



Report Automation

Automate the creation and updating of reports over a specific time interval without manually triggering the system to derive relevant and valuable information.


Demand Forecasting

Predict demand and purchases using historical data patterns, current trends and competition to make informed decisions on supply and plan ahead.


Sales Forecasting

Use data-informed decision-making statistics to accurately predict sales capacity over different periods to help you plan materials and forecast revenue.


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