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Posted on December 13, 2022 | All

Automation: Refining the ERP Ecosystem

ERP: Automation leading into the Future

Living in a time where the survival rate of a business over a decade is only 30%, there’s a need to optimize for leaner and less manual operations. The key is in the details; automating repetitive and redundant processes will save you time and costs in the long run. The only way ahead is to develop your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) as part of your business plan. An automated ERP system has the potential to become the one-stop solution for providing insights and visibility about your business and the workforce behind it.

Growing a business comes with multiple opportunities across domains. However, a cutthroat pace comes at the cost of constantly prioritizing with limitations on what you can do. With the amount of data flowing in and understanding its critical aspects, automating the reporting process is a crucial step in managing a business. Like Eric Kimberling once said, “The potential pitfalls are that the technology is not as mature and tested as other ERP functionality, and organizations don’t know how to integrate automation into their operations.” Awareness about the problem needs to be followed up with an understanding of the solution; let’s see how automation can revolutionize your business.

Automation: Why and how it affects operations

Process automation is helping businesses promote growth and profitability with the help of AI. When you can identify what is repetitive with a particular set of patterns, it is possible to automate the process for better manual efficiency. The same logic applies to ERP automation as well. ERP Automation aims to bring smoother operations, improve team member productivity and increase quality while reducing errors and wastage.

In the Mobile SalesPerson offering from Scanco, connecting the funnels has improved Sage 300 functionality. The add-on helped every salesperson know what to do and how much they should aim to sell when they meet their clients. By managing orders on the go, SalesPerson makes it possible to cut down on time spent on crucial order fulfillment areas whenever the salespeople need to use it by digitizing a significant bulk of the processes.

Reduced Manual Errors and Report Digitization

Manual errors can be minimized to a bare minimum as your employees can save time and eliminate the chances of unintentional errors while duplicating or entering data. From having the whole process set in the paper route, go completely paperless by digitizing reports, insights, and records into digestible and readable formats. Provide information with the structure it deserves on secure servers and streamlined, centralized databases.

Accuracy and transparency directly improve and boost customer satisfaction. Instead of asking your workforce to create reports on daily updates that negatively impact their efficiency, learn about your teams through automated reporting. From the Sage Mobile Salesperson’, the real-time numbers on the available inventory give the salesperson visibility on what he can promise to their client and approximate the time it will take to get the following stocks in order.

Improved Productivity

Integrate several business processes for error-free data and to-the-point insights into your business operations. A streamlined data flow makes information uniform across various departments and gives the decision-makers the necessary scope of operations.

With a tool that gives real-time data on what the salespeople need to do, Sage 300 Mobile Salesperson cuts down the time spent on administrative tasks and re-routes wasted time into sales calls for building a customer relationship.

Flexibility for Process Management

The goal of any organization while developing ERP is to reduce the manual processes and make their employees work on tasks that drive high value. From indexing to deriving information from a device, access business processes from anywhere to make a game-changing difference. The flexibility makes room for empowerment that makes a difference in the long run.

A tool becomes comprehensive when it can solve every problem a user faces. The Scanco sage 300 MSP product contains multiple uses for the salesperson: from the visibility on inventory and sales orders to purchase order converter, delivery tracker, and importers for sales, work orders, and accounts that can provide spreadsheets with all the relevant information.

Controlled Operational Costs

When the primary processes are automated and getting insights is a daily routine, you empower your organization to become agile and better at controlling expenses and boosting revenues.

Routing every dataset produced by the MSP product to a database gives you a collective view of the business through minimal user intervention. You can perform in-depth analysis and check data integrity by automating the data dump and load backups. The process helps you understand and plan the next step in your business journey. And with the help of a Commission Manager, you can focus on making the best out of your workforce by dividing each commission plan based on geography, the discount given, and auditing.

Finding the right balance: ERPs and keeping up with updates

The mobile salesperson product was ideated and built from scratch at CI Global. With innovative solutions for everyday problems, the tech became a go-to add-on in the market. When a product is made with cross-platform functionality, the responsibility boils down to the service provider to update the product whenever there’s an update on either platform. In the premium versions of the Sage 300 offers, this logic is used to provide extra functionality to the product. CIG has led the future of the product by making things easier, functional, and streamlined.

From providing the context for your business to your software to automating repetitive tasks, the need to automate is now more than ever. With the help of AI/ML algorithms, the future of technology looks more data-driven than ever before. Utilizing the expertise of over two decades in the ERP Ecosystem, let CIG optimize your time and boost your team’s productivity. With domain expertise and in-house frameworks that speed up product engineering processes, get the solution you need at a place for every need; click here to learn more.