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Posted on February 1, 2024 | All

Integrating Apps with Garmin Watch

Concerning fitness and health tracking, integrating wearables with web applications has become crucial for providing users with a comprehensive experience. This case study explores integrating a popular fitness wearable, the Garmin Watch, with an existing web application. The focus is on enabling users to sync their Garmin wearable with a sports analytics app to retrieve and display activity data.

About the Client:

A leading sports analytics platform focused on Ice Hockey, helps users track and analyze their fitness activities. With a strong user community, Sports Central aims to boost user satisfaction by adding a new feature: ‘Integration with Garmin.’ Users would need to download the Garmin Connect app, syncing their wearables regularly with the Sports Central app. Using push notifications, the web app effortlessly fetches data, offering a smooth experience for ice hockey enthusiasts and enhancing their fitness tracking capabilities.

Problem Statement:

The existing web application needed to have the capability to sync with Garmin Watches, limiting users who rely on these wearables for tracking their fitness activities. To address this, the client sought a solution to integrate Garmin Watches into the web application, allowing users to access and analyze their activity data effortlessly.

Solution Suggested:

To address the integration challenge, the proposed solution involved the following key steps:

  • Obtain consumer key and secret from Garmin by leveraging the Garmin developer account.
  • Develop a user-friendly interface within the web application to facilitate the connection between the user’s Garmin Connect account and the sports analytics app.
  • Implement OAuth for secure authentication, utilizing a series of API calls to retrieve request tokens, authorization tokens, and access tokens.
  • Utilize push notifications to regularly retrieve activity data from the user’s Garmin wearable and display it within the web application.
  • Implement robust security measures, including signing requests to access Garmin API, ensuring data integrity and user privacy.


Pain Point Before Integration After Integration
Limited Data Access Users were unable to access Garmin Watch activity data within the web application. The integration resolved this limitation, allowing users to retrieve and analyze their Garmin Watch data seamlessly within the sports analytics app
User Engagement Enhancement The absence of Garmin Watch integration might have eventually led to decreased user engagement With the new feature, users can actively engage with the web application by syncing and analyzing their Garmin Watch data, potentially increasing overall user engagement.
Comprehensive Fitness Tracking Users needed to use multiple platforms or apps to gather a complete overview of their fitness activities. The integration provides a unified platform within the web application, streamlining the process of tracking and analyzing fitness activities with Garmin Watches.

Users can download the Garmin Connect app on their devices and regularly synchronize their Garmin wearables with the sports analytics app. The web application will retrieve data using push notifications, facilitating real-time integration between the two platforms.

CI Global: Smart Integration for Enhanced User Engagement

The successful integration of Garmin Watches with the existing web application not only addresses the limitations of the current platform but also opens up new opportunities for user engagement and satisfaction. By seamlessly connecting the two platforms, CI Global assisted the customer in staying poised to offer a more comprehensive and feature-rich experience to its user base, ensuring their sports analytics application’s continued success and relevance in the competitive market. Secure OAuth authentication and a well-defined integration approach ensured a smooth and reliable connection between the web application and Garmin wearables.

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